Why Are Some People More Successful? by Brian Tracy

Success is composed of four ingredients:

Health and Energy. You basically know how well you are doing as a person by how healthy you are and how much energy you have. Today we have longevity and health by design, not by accident. Today, you can live to be 80 or 90 years old. Health and energy is a deficiency need.

Loving Relationships. Once your health is taken care of, your relationships become paramount. That’s the wonderful thing about a fully integrated human being, their relationships are central to their lives. The person who is confused sees relationships as peripheral. A truly integrated person sees their relationships as central to their lives.

Meaningful Work. Work that you do and that you do well. Work that makes a difference in the world. It answers man’s need for significance. Each of us has to know that what we do counts—makes a difference. There is nothing worse in the entire world than to be doing something that you feel doesn’t really matter. By the way, people who are working at things that are proper for them never think of retiring. People who think of retiring are basically thinking, “I just want to get away from this as soon as I can, because it’s destroying my soul.” One of the basic responsibilities that we have as adults is to make sure that what we’re doing makes a difference.

Financial Independence. We need enough that we don’t worry about money. Everyone has to decide how much that is. It’s never been more possible for you to have enough than now.

Success is 80% psychological.

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