4 Secrets to Effortless Success

Written by Jack Canfield | Friday, 15 October 2010 00:00

Effortless SuccessThroughout the past few years, as I’ve done research for new books, completed training courses and educational seminars, and throughout meeting amazing men and women all over the globe; I’ve become fascinated by the idea that all the “hard work” we’ve been doing to be successful, doesn’t always have to be so difficult and challenging.  Sometimes, it really can be effortless, simple, and fun.  It is called Effortless Success.

The idea of Effortless Success is something you are probably familiar with.  It’s similar to the concept of The Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction is based on the idea that if you are really in alignment with force energy, God, the universe, your higher-self (however you may choose to articulate it), and when we are truly in a state of joy, a state of abundance, a state of love, a state of faith…then what happens is just by wanting what we want, and simply declaring it, we send out a message to the universe, and the universe will respond by giving it to you.  A huge part of the universe responding positively though, is that we must create the right state of being for receiving what we ask for.  That means we have to be a vibrational match for whatever we want. So, if we want more abundance, we have to be in a state of abundance; and that is created by several factors, including:

1. Being in a State of Gratitude.

I do a lot of work now, both for myself and in my trainings, on gratitude, appreciation, acknowledgement, and also the inner state of joy.  So, for example, we must feel the way we want to attract, in order to attract it.

W. Clement Stone, a self-made multi-millionaire from Chicago, who was my first mentor in the area of success, taught that when you visualize something, one should always feel the feelings that you would feel as if you already had it. He said that this is actually more important than the visual image.  So, what this means is we should engage our full sensory array of emotions, thoughts, and visualization of auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic as it relates to our goal.  When you put yourself into this state of what you would be feeling as if you already had achieved or received what you want, you create this vibrational match I spoke about earlier. What so many of us are doing is deciding what we want, stating it, and then getting in the way of it.  We send contradictory messages out to universe by having doubts, and by continually wondering ‘Am I going to get it?’ I’ve learned that wondering really means we don’t have absolute faith that we will get it.  So how do we be sure and not wonder?  The next step is to be in a state of certainty.

2. Being in a State of Certainty

We need to be in a state of certainty, which is a state of total, certain belief.  An example of this is the following: If I were at home and about to sit down in one of my dining rooms chairs, I don’t hope that it will hold me up, I don’t wonder if it will hold me up, I know it will hold me up.  I have direct experience of that, so I have certainty; we need to create that same level of certainty about the things we want to manifest.  So, decide what it is you want and state it clearly in your mind.

When we say things like:

  • “I want that car, but I can’t afford it
  • I want that car, but I’ll probably never get it”
  • Someday I hope I can have that car

…we are uncertain and lacking faith (because hoping is thinking that I might not be able to, and doubt, fear, judgment, and low self esteem all get in the way of allowing this thing to manifest what you’ve decided you want to flow into your life).  My experience has been that when I really, truly want something, truly believe and know in my heart, “yes I’m going to get that” - I proceed, follow my intuition, and then it happens.

3. Act on Inspirations.

When your message is sent out to the universe, you have to start acting on inspirations.  In other words, we get what I call inspired motivations to take action.  For example, I’m walking down the street, and I have this sense to go into the bookstore and see what’s there.  If I honour that, then I invariably find a book that is exactly what I need for whatever I’m trying to create in my life.  Or, alternatively, I think I should just stop working and go out for lunch. I did that the other day actually.  I sat down in a restaurant alone, a man sat down nearby, and we started a conversation.  He was someone who had the resources that I needed to manifest one of my goals. So you never know where the resource is going to come from. You have to trust.

Learn to trust your intuition.  Trust that the people that come into your life are there for a purpose.  They are being sent, or are being attracted by the law of attraction. Then, start to ask ‘What purpose is this person serving in the unfolding of my life, my desires and my goals?’

4. Let it go!

You also have to be able to let it go. I describe this by explaining to people that if you order a pizza from the pizza delivery service, you don’t call every two minutes to ask if they are working on your pizza!  So many people think that they have to keep reminding the universe of their request.  I believe that you just need to get out of the way. There are some things that you can do as a daily discipline (like meditation and keeping a gratitude journal), so that you’re ready to receive it, but remember that the order has been placed. Some people get in the way by not being a vibrational match, and then they don’t act on these impulses, these intuitive hits of inspiration, of ideas, all the things that seem like synchronistic events that are actually being created by holding the vision clearly.

Remember, success does not have to be difficult.  It can be easy, fun, and natural.  So think about some of your goals, follow this 4-step process, and watch how effortless success and results show up in your life!

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