Plan and Prepare in Advance by Brian Tracy

Plan and Prepare in Advance
By: Brian Tracy

Use A
Time Planner
A time planner, broken down by day, hour and minute, organized in
advance, can be one of the most powerful, personal productivity tools of all.
It enables you to see where you can consolidate and create blocks of time for
concentrated work.

All Distractions
During this working time, you turn off the telephone, eliminate
all distractions and work non-stop. One of the best work habits of all is for
you to get up early and work at home in the morning for several hours. You can
get three times as much work done at home without interruptions as you ever
could in a busy office where you are surrounded by people and bombarded by
phone calls.

an Office in the Air
When you fly on business, you can create your office in the air by
planning your work thoroughly before you depart. When the plane takes off, you
can work non-stop for the entire flight. You will be amazed at how much work
you can go through when you work steadily in an airplane, without

Every Minute Count
One of the keys to high levels of performance and productivity is
for you to make every minute count. Use travel and transition time, what is
often called “gifts of time” to complete small chunks of larger

Remember, the pyramids were built one block at a time. A great life and a great
career is built one task, and often, one part of a task, at a time. Your job in
time management is to deliberately and creatively organize the concentrated
time periods you need to get your key jobs done well, and on schedule.

Here are two steps you can take immediately to put these ideas
into action.

First, think continually of different ways that you can save, schedule and
consolidate large chunks of time. Use this time to work on important tasks with
the most significant long-term consequences.

Second, make every minute count. Work steadily and continuously without
diversion or distraction by planning and preparing your work in advance. Most
of all, keep focused on the most important results for which you are

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